Switch Kit

Welcome to Monroe Telco Federal Credit Union!

Are you ready to make a switch from your current financial institution? Switching to Monroe Telco FCU is easy! Our switch kit includes everything you need to help make the transition easy. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

Open your savings and checking account at Monroe Telco FCU. You may do this by visiting any of our branch locations.

Step 2

Stop using your previous checking account and verify that all checks, check card transactions and scheduled bill payments have cleared.

Step 3

Switch your direct deposits by using our Direct Deposit Change Request Form. Fill this form out and send it to the appropriate recipients.

Step 4

Change your automatic payments and withdrawals by using our Automatic Payment Authorization Form. If you have more than one automatic transaction, simply fill out one form for each.

Step 5

Close out your old account once you have verified that all outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals have cleared. This process may take several weeks. When you are sure everything has cleared, you can use our Account Closing Request Form to notify your previous financial institution to close your account and receive any balances.

Use our convenient check list to help you make the switch today!